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Foot Fungus Care
Chicago Feet - In Chicago and Evanston, IL

Dr. Kruse is adept at treating toenail fungus, an infection underneath the surface of the nail caused by fungi.

Common Questions about Foot Fungus Care

How do I know if I have a foot fungus?

Fungus often makes the nail darker in color, gives it a foul odor, and is capable of spreading to other toenails, the skin, or even fingernails. The fungus can also spread to other people. Debris may collect beneath the nail plate and white marks frequently appear. The resulting thicker nails are difficult to trim and make walking with shoes painful.

Do I need to get see a doctor for my foot fungus?

If ignored, the fungal infection may impair your ability to work or even walk. Dr. Kruse will help clear you of the fungus and return to your everyday activities as quickly as possible.

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