Dr. Timothy Kruse is very kind and knowledgeable! He answered my questions and made me feel more at ease.

Danielle V. | May 21, 2024
Clean and decorative facility. Staff is helpful and quick to get you situated comfortably for Dr. Kruze. Dr. Kruze is careful with his instruments - to prevent pain or blood. Ingrowns are my reasons to leave the nails to a professional rather than my nail salon staff. He is efficient and the staff can get you in and out to your car within 45 min or less.

Louise M. | May 17, 2024
He is very good with everyone, including people who are disabled

David G. | May 01, 2024
I have been a client for years. Perfect, timely. Only problem, the Dr. should have a before and after. Ugly feet made whole. I love my Dr. and his staff.

Velma D. | Apr 19, 2024